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HIV and Enteropathy
Policy Events

AAHIVM hosts special events that touch on the the important policy topics of the day. These events are meant to be informative and educational, and to supplement the work of our Policy Department.


Policy Events: 


Affordable Care Act 2014 Meeting Series - The Affordable Care Act and the Future for HIV Providers and Allied Health Workers - Spring 2014

In the spring of 2014 the American Academy of HIV Medicine and the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors cosponsored a series of meetings on the Affordable Care Act and the Future for HIV Providers and Allied Health Workers. The meetings took place in seven cities across the United States bewteen January and April 2014. 


Webinar: AAHIVM Health Reform Resource Center for HIV Providers – September 2013

Following the launch of AAHIVM’s Health Reform Resource Center for HIV Providers webinar trainings on the new resource were held for each of our Regional Chapters.


HIV Medical Clinics & Health Reform Webinar - May 2013

A webinar held by, co-sponsored by American Academy of HIV Medicine, Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, HIV Medicine Association, and the Ryan White Medical Providers Coalition to train providers on upcoming health reform changes.


Policy Forum on ACA, Ryan White, and Medicaid - July 21, 2012

AAHIVM hosted a policy forum in conjunction with the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012 entitled, "What's Ahead for HIV Providers with the Affordable Care Act, Ryan White and Medicaid."  Government leaders and policy experts joined AAHIVM to discuss these important topics.


Other AAHIVM Events: 


AAHIVM also hosts events specific to the practice of medicine and to the latest scientific findings, and care and treatment models. Please check the AAHIVM Events page for more information about our latest events.