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HIV and Enteropathy
Member Spotlight


Midtown Medical Center

Tampa, Florida


Dr. Edward Braun’s experiences are those uniquely of a specialist. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians and serves as Diplomat for the American Board of Family Medicine. He is also credentialed as an HIV Specialist with the American Academy of HIV Medicine. Dr. Braun is a solo physician working with a part-time nurse practitioner and a part-time physician assistant. His practice also employs an office manager, two front office staff, one biller, two medical assistants, and a research coordinator working onsite. Says Braun, “We serve a predominately middle class, working, insured patient population. Although we see patients from age 16 to 100, they are mostly middle aged. We see elderly patients as well as teenagers. Our current patient population is aging, but our new patients seem to be a younger generation; many seeking PrEP.” With the assistance of one of the pharmaceutical manufacturers, Dr. Braun has been able to conduct studies with results published.


Dr. Braun attended medical school at the University of South Florida and did a residency at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach. Dr. Braun’s professional path began working for several years in an Emergency Room. He then spent a year working in corporate America providing care for employees and retirees of a large corporation. Dr. Braun then spent two years building a practice with another Primary Care Provider, then established his own practice. Dr. Braun has been treating people living with HIV since 1999. “Many friends and patients who were HIV positive motivated me to explore the potential for caring for them. Then, I discovered that there was a great need for compassionate care in my community.” 


Dr. Braun says the most rewarding part of his job is being able to help someone who is very ill to get to a better state of health; also, to provide emotional support and encouragement to someone who is struggling. Says Braun, “One of the greatest obstacles is dealing with insurance companies who continue to place burdens in the path of good medical care for obvious financial reasons.”


In practice, Dr. Braun likes to provide immediate feedback to his patients when they arrive for their office visits. Patients are instructed to have their labs drawn prior to their office visits. That way, their visit can be spent providing results and discussion. “I have patients come to the office for a visit when a prior authorization has to be completed. Upon the patient’s arrival, I can call the insurance company or complete the necessary forms. After collecting the appropriate co-payment, we bill the insurance company for the office visit and the time spent with the patient to complete the administrative work required.”


Looking to the future, Dr. Braun hopes we have conquered the management of HIV and it becomes a simple process of adjusting medications to maximize the benefits and minimize any potential side effects. He envisions a time when more time is spent administering vaccinations and prescribing medications to prevent the disease and less time treating the disease. Dr. Braun also hopes to become more proficient at doing injections of neuromuscular modulators and filler agents.


Asked why he is a Member of AAHIVM, Dr. Braun says, “I joined AAHIVM to show my support for the community and legitimize my knowledge base when dealing with HIV+ patients.”


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