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HIV and Enteropathy
State Implementation

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) included many provisions important to HIV patients and HIV care providers that will be implemented over the next decade.  


Several of the most significant provisions are scheduled to take place in 2014. This includes the establishment of the new individual and small group state insurance exchanges, and the expansion of state Medicaid programs. 


Since the law's passage, the federal government has issued a multitude of rules and regulations pertaining to implementation of various provisions of the law. Many of the provisions of the law are being implemented at the state level, giving each state broad power to determine how the requirements and provisions of the ACA will be fulfilled and organized.


This state-level implementation indicates that health reform efforts, health care systems and programs are likely to vary widely from state-to-state even after the ACA is fully implemented, with plans, benefits, and care networks in each state differing vastly from those in others.


Learn more about some of the provisions of the ACA that are currently being decided by state lawmakers in your state by visiting the Health Reform in My State section.

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