HIV Medical Professionals Urge Congress to Do No Harm

HIV Medical Professionals Urge Congress to Do No Harm

WASHINGTON, D.C. – More than 950 HIV medical professionals sent a letter today urging Congressional members not to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without establishing a viable replacement plan that will continue to offer affordable coverage to those eligible under the ACA, and to sustain the federal commitment to the Medicaid program. Prior to the enactment of the ACA, many individuals living with HIV were denied health insurance coverage because of their pre-existing condition or were charged extraordinary premiums that left coverage out of reach. In most states, prior to the ACA, low-income patients with HIV were denied Medicaid coverage until they became sick and disabled, and did not have the resources to participate in health savings accounts.

With reliable access to health care and the antiretroviral therapy that effectively suppresses the virus, individuals with HIV can stay healthy and live near normal life expectancies.  When they are healthy and virally suppressed their risk of transmitting the virus drops to near zero. Access to antiretroviral therapy not only improves an individual’s health but also the health of the community and is a critical tool to help stop the ongoing HIV epidemic.

The physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurses – from advanced practice nurses to assistants — and other medical professionals signing the letter released today work on the frontlines of the HIV epidemic and are members of the HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA), American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM), Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) and the Ryan White Medical Providers Coalition (RWMPC).

HIVMA, AAHIVM, ANAC, RWMPC urge Congress to consider the needs of individuals with HIV and the millions of others whose health care may be at risk before taking action that will undermine the significant progress made in expanding access to health insurance coverage over the last several years. The lives of individuals with HIV and our nation’s public health depend on it.


The HIV Medicine Association is the professional home for nearly 5,000 physicians, scientists, and other health care professionals dedicated to the field of HIV/AIDS. Nested within the Infectious Diseases Society of America, HIVMA promotes quality in HIV care and advocates policies that ensure a comprehensive and humane response to the AIDS pandemic informed by science and social justice. See more at:  
The American Academy of HIV Medicine is a professional organization that supports HIV practitioners and promotes accessible, quality care for all Americans living with HIV disease.  Our membership of HIV practitioners and credentialed providers give direct care to the majority of HIV patients in the US. Learn more at
The Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) is the leading professional membership association for nurses working in prevention, care, treatment, education, research and health policy related to HIV and HIV co-morbidities.  Founded in 1987, ANAC provides nurses, nurse practitioners and other health care team members educational and professional development to facilitate optimal patient outcomes for individuals living with and at risk of HIV/AIDS and HIV co-morbidities. ANAC has members across the globe and includes 40 local chapters in the U.S. Learn more at

The Ryan White Medical Providers Coalition is a national coalition of medical providers and administrators who work in clinics supported by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. Learn more at

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