American Academy of HIV Medicine Launches Long-acting Agent Resource Center

American Academy of HIV Medicine Launches Long-acting Agent Resource Center

WASHINGTON, DC:  This week, the American Academy of HIV Medicine launched a new online resource,, to expand the knowledge base for long-acting antiretroviral agents (LAAs) used for the treatment and prevention of HIV.

LAAs are innovative new tools in the fight against HIV that come in many forms including injections, implants, and oral medication. Long-acting treatment offers an enormous benefit to people with HIV by decreasing the need to take daily medications.

The new Long-acting Agent Resource Center website is designed to be a one-stop shop for information on LAAs and helps connect patients and clinicians with those who are already successfully incorporating long-acting agents into care plans. The website contains detailed information including:

  • Frequently asked questions for patients in both English and Spanish
  • Prescribing guidelines
  • A centralized hub of best practices and procedures
  • State-specific information on LAA availability and third-party payer options
  • A peer network for providers to ask questions and share best practices

“Because they do not require daily dosing, long-acting injectables are a game changer for the treatment and prevention of HIV, and expediting their use is essential,” explained Bruce J. Packett, Executive Director of the American Academy of HIV Medicine. “But, as a new treatment option, there are significant questions and concerns regarding cost, availability, coverage, and dispensing. This website was developed as a resource to navigate the process more easily.”

“HIV care providers and other clinicians looking to utilize these novel therapies need a central location that houses the most up-to-date clinical data and state-based coverage information,” said Dr. Carolyn Chu, Academy Chief Medical Officer. “Even more importantly, they need a safe environment to ask questions and identify peers who can share their experiences in providing this treatment. This site is intended to serve all of those purposes.”

“LAAs represent the culmination of years of research,” said Packett. “The Academy hopes to raise awareness and knowledge about these incredible new tools and bring us one step closer to ending the HIV epidemic.”

The creation of this resource was made possible through an unrestricted grant from ViiV Healthcare.

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