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International Provider

AAHIVM certifications are available to international providers with equivalent physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or pharmacist licensure who meet equivalent eligibility parameters as detailed here.  Please note that AAHIVM exams are developed to a US standard of care according to known, published US guidelines, and no special provision is made for scoring the exam activity of providers who were not trained in the US or who are not currently practicing in the US. 

Additional Notes:

  • Exam applicants who received their training outside the US but who are licensed to practice in the US need only declare their US licensure. 
  • Exam applicants who received their training outside the US and who are not licensed to practice in the US must provide documentation of current legal authority to practice in their home country.
  • International exam candidates may take the online version of the exam.  
  • AAHIVM exams are provided in English only.
  • Lab values and other units of measure are expressed on the exam in traditional or metric format.  Examinees must provide their own conversion tools when necessary.
  • Fees must be remitted in US funds.
  • AAHIVM certifications do not confer the privilege to practice medical care or pharmacy in the U.S. or in any other country.
  • All other AAHIVM Credentialing Terms & Conditions apply, as published here.