Avita has partnered with the Academy to support their pharmacists in their journey to become credentialed HIV Pharmacists.  For more information about our credentialing program, and to register for the exam, please follow the instructions below.  For assistance with any part of this process, contact Director of Credentialing and Technology, Dan Ebeling, at


1. Review Eligibility Requirements and Registration Dates

Please review the eligibility requirements and registration dates using the buttons below.

For pharmacists in retail or consultative practice.

2. Create an Academy Account

If you are renewing your credential, are an Academy member, or otherwise have an account with the Academy, please ensure you know what e-mail address you use to sign in and continue to the next step.

If you do not have an Academy account, click here to create an account.  When entering an e-mail address, we recommend that you use a personal e-mail to ensure that you always have access to our password reset options.

3. Log CE Activity at Any Time

Per the eligibility requirements, you must complete 45 hours of HIV or HCV related continuing education to be eligible for the credential.  You can log these activities all at once when you register for the exam or as you’re earning them.

To log your CE as you earn it, sign into your Academy account and select “View/Edit My HIV-Related CE”

Then, select “Add Education Credit” to enter the activity

Enter the information about your activity including the date and number of credit hours, then select “Save”.  On the following window you will be given a link to upload supporting documentation if you wish..

4. PrEP Clinicans – Consider the Academy Mentoring Program

Avita pharmacists who work in PrEP clinics may not meet the Experience requirement for eligibility because they do not work directly with patients with HIV.  As an alternative to patient experience, pharmacists may participate in the Academy Mentoring Program to meet this requirement.  Please click here for more information about this program and to find a mentor. Email for any questions about this program.

5. Register for the Examination

Use the button below to be taken to the registration page.  First, select the credential you wish to apply for by pushing the corresponding “Submit Application” button.  You may be prompted to log in to your Academy Account before proceeding.

Please review the application form completely and be sure to enter your CE information at the bottom of the first page.  If you already have an Academy account, some information may be filled in already.  Please double check all questions for accuracy.

When you have logged your CE and answered all questions on the application, select the green “Submit & Pay” button at the bottom right.

Continue to click through the review pages of the application and make the payment on the last page.

When your registration is complete, you will be shown a confirmation on screen.  A copy of that confirmation and additional information about your registration will be sent via e-mail.

Your application will then be reviewed by Academy staff for completeness.  A second e-mail will be sent when that review is finished.  If your application is incomplete, you will be given an opportunity to submit additional information.  When your application is complete, a final confirmation e-mail will be sent with additional information about taking the exam.

6.  Take the HIV Credentialing Exam

Follow the instructions provided in the confirmation e-mail to take the exam during the selected testing period.

7. Request Reimbursement from Avita

After receiving confirmation of a passing score on the HIV Credentialing Exam, reimbursement can be submitted.  Contact your manager for additional information about requesting reimbursement.


When your registration is submitted you will receive a series of automated e-mails.  Within 10 business days, your credentialing application will be reviewed.  If complete, you will be receive an e-mail with more information on taking the exam.  If incomplete, you will be given an opportunity to submit additional information to complete the application.


Textbook Purchase Information

The Academy publishes the Fundamentals of HIV Medicine textbook every two years.  The 2023 edition of this volume can be ordered directly from Oxford University Press.  Avita may be able to help you obtain a copy of this textbook.  Contact Glen Pietrandoni at Avita for more information and availability.


Please e-mail Dan Ebeling at if you have any questions throughout the process.