Fenway Health has made arrangements to pay directly for costs associated with obtaining an Academy credential for their employees.  In order to take advantage of this arrangement, please follow the steps below.  For assistance with any part of this process, please contact Director of Credentialing, Dan Ebeling, at


1. Review Eligibility Requirements

Please review the eligibility requirements for the Academy Credential that you are applying for by clicking below:

2. Create an Academy Account

If you are renewing your credential, are an Academy member, or otherwise have an account with the Academy, please ensure you know what e-mail address you use to sign in and continue to the next step.

If you do not have an Academy account, click here to create an account.  When entering an e-mail address, we recommend that you use a personal e-mail to ensure that you always have access to our password reset options.

3. Inform Fenway Health of Your Intent to Register

Contact Sandra Andrade via e-mail and indicate your intention to register.  Provide your Name and e-mail address associated with your Academy Account.  Sandra will confirm this information with the Academy.  You will then receive a confirmation e-mail from Dan Ebeling,, confirming that you may proceed to registration.

4. Register for the Examination

Use the button below to be taken to the registration page and follow the instructions there.


Once you have completed the application, please allow up to 10 business days for review.  Upon completion of review, you will receive an e-mail either confirming your eligibility or requesting additional documentation.  Please follow the instructions in that e-mail.


Please note that your Academy account may show a balance due for some time after completing the registration.  This is normal and will not affect your eligibility to sit for the exam.  The Academy will bill Fenway Health directly for your registration fee at the close of the registration period.  Once payment is received from Fenway Health, this balance will be resolved.


Please e-mail Dan Ebeling at if you have any questions throughout the process.