HCV Provider Referrals


Medical providers from a diversity of specialties, including internal medicine, family medicine, oncology, and obstetrics-gynecology have played a key role in the medical response to HIV. In recognition of this, AAHIVM developed the first ever credentialing program to identify expert HIV clinicians. States such as California, have adopted the AAHIVM recommendations for identifying HIV experts.

HIV providers have been managing the care and treatment of HCV for both their co-infected patients and also mono-infected patients in many cases.

HIV providers have extensive experience managing complex antiretroviral drug regimens in a highly vulnerable patient population and delivering care as part of a team to support the high adherence rates critical to achieving viral suppression. A similar care model and clinical knowledge base is necessary to achieve success with the new HCV antiviral regimens.

In some areas and regions of the country, especially rural areas, the only accessible qualified provider available to treat an HCV-infected patient may be a HIV provider.

Access to HIV providers to treat HCV infection, and to serve as the overall coordinator of care or medical home, is a critical issue for HCV-infected patients.

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AAHIVM’s provider database Referral Link now offers information on referrals to HIV providers who treat Hepatitis C.

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