Member Journey

The mission of the Academy is to educate, credential, connect and advocate for the next generation of the HIV care workforce.

We are creating an empowered, skilled and robust health care workforce able to intervene at all levels of prevention, care and treatment for those with or at risk of acquiring HIV.

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Our network of HIV clinicians have years of experience and insight. The Academy’s programs and services draw from this knowledge to share best practices with those newer to the field.

No matter where a clinician is on their journey in HIV care, there is a place for them at the Academy. Let’s look at some examples: Meet Ruby, Antonio and Fatima.

Ruby is a family practice physician and she wants to learn more about how to best manage the care of her patients who have acquired HIV. She uses our Clinician Education Center to access our continuing education offerings and chooses the ones that best fit her immediate needs.

Antonio is a pharmacist who sees a high volume of patients with HIV. He wants to certify his additional knowledge and skills in HIV pharmacotherapy as he seeks promotion. With years of experience and research in HIV care, he is eligible to earn the HIV Pharmacist™ credential from the Academy.

Fatima is a new physician assistant at a Federally Qualified Health Center. She wants to learn more about HIV care but isn’t sure where to start. By joining the Academy Mentoring Program, she can connect with an experienced HIV care practitioner who fosters a peer-to-peer connection to help her design an individualized study plan.

Now that all three of these clinicians are connected with the Academy network, there’s no limit to where they can go!

Ruby connects with a mentor to prepare for the HIV Specialist™ exam. After being credentialed for a few years, she gets involved with the Public Policy Committee and advocates for change on a national level.

After taking advantage of many of our advanced educational programs, Antonio becomes a mentor so he can share his knowledge with the next generation of clinicians. He also serves on the Pharmacist Committee and writes questions for the credentialing exams.

Fatima connects with her peers through the message board in Academy Communities. She becomes a presenter for the Academy’s educational program and eventually joins the AAHIVM Board of Directors.

Throughout, each clinician continues to connect with their Academy peers to learn and grow, all while providing a higher quality of care to their patients and communities. And it all started with one step down the road with the American Academy of HIV Medicine.