AAHIVM cares about the policy issues that affect our members, their practices, and their patients in all 50 states.

State & Regional Chapters

AAHIVM works directly with our members in a state to affect state legislation, regulatory decisions, and policy-making in the state legislature, with the Governor, and with the local and state health departments and other regulatory agencies. We do so through advocacy efforts, coalition building, and policy education efforts, led by our State & Regional Chapters.

To learn more about the recent efforts of the AAHIVM Chapter in your area, visit our State & Regional Chapters page.

White Coat Days

When important issues come up at the state level, AAHIVM’s State White Coat Days give our Members the opportunity to petition their state lawmakers directly on issues they support.

AAHIVM organizes White Coat Days with our local chapters, to allow our members to meet with state lawmakers as constituents, and doctors, and as experts in public health.

For information about getting involved with a local AAHIVM chapter in your state or region, please visit the AAHIVM Chapters section.

Policy Principles

AAHIVM’s policy principles undergird all of our policy and advocacy efforts, and the issues for which we are always striving on behalf of our members. These principles are encapsulated in our Policy Platform, which was developed and is routinely added to by our Policy Committee, and voted on by our National Board. Please see the Policy Principles page to learn more.

Health Reform Implementation

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) included many provisions important to HIV patients and HIV care providers that will be implemented over the next decade. Several of the most significant provisions are being implemented at the state level, giving each state broad power to determine how the requirements and provisions of the ACA will be fulfilled and organized.

Two of the biggest changes, the Medicaid Expansion Option, and the creation of State Insurance Exchanges (Marketplaces) for individual and small group state insurance plans, began in every state by 2014. Providers must learn what changes are happening in your state, and how to connect your practice to the new systems in order to retain access to your patients.

Learn more: Health Reform in My State

For more information on any of the above topics, or any of our other policy work, please contact the AAHIVM Policy Department.