The Academy works to advocate on behalf of our members and their patients and to weigh in on policy-making efforts at both the State and Federal level. For more information on our efforts in the states, visit our Regional Chapters pages. Click on any of the topics below to learn more about the issues, and our work as an organization in that area.

Policy Department

The Academy Policy Department works to affect legislation, regulatory decisions, and federal policy-making to reflect the goals and policy interests of its members. The Academy’s staff in Washington, D.C. works to educate the Administration, Congress, and federal regulatory agencies on issues affecting HIV providers and their patients.

We advocate on behalf of our constituency, representing the interests of our members, HIV providers, and their patients, and ensuring the ability of our members to provide the best care available to their patients.

Policy Topics

Please click on a policy topic in the menu above to learn more about the Academy’s policy work in that area. This list is not all-inclusive. Our Policy Department works to address current policy matters as they emerge, and responds to them in an on-going fashion as they develop

Policy Principles

The Academy’s policy principles undergird all of our policy and advocacy efforts, and the issues for which we are always striving on behalf of our members. These principles are encapsulated in our Policy Platform, which was developed and is routinely added to by our Policy Committee, and voted on by our National Board. Please see the Policy Principles page to learn more.

Policy Partnerships

The Academy also participates in strategic partnerships, coalitions, collaborations, and joint efforts with other HIV advocacy groups and medical organizations who share common policy goals. Some of our advocacy work accessible under this section reflects these partnerships and joint efforts.

For more information on any of the above topics, or any of our other policy work, please contact the the Academy’s Public Policy Department.