October 25, 2023

SPECIAL ISSUE: HIV Funding at Risk

On September 30, a government shutdown was averted at the eleventh hour when Congress passed a 45-day Continuing Resolution to keep the government running at current spending levels through November 17, 2023 – leading to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) losing his role as Speaker of the House. But the budget fight isn’t over and its results could have grave consequences for HIV prevention and care. In this special issue of the Voice, the Academy is calling on you to advocate for continued HIV funding before the next budget showdown in November.


Earlier this year, House Republicans put forth a FY 2024 appropriations bill that would eliminate $767 million in HIV funding, including:

  • Defunding the Ending the HIV Epidemic initiative.
  • Defunding all of Part F of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, including the AIDS education and training centers, Special Projects of National Significance Program and dental coverage.
  • Cutting over $150 million in funding for the Minority AIDS Initiative.

The Senate, on the other hand, put forth an appropriations bill with bipartisan support to maintain HIV funding at its current levels.

The Republican-majority House was unable to compromise on a budget to send to the Senate for negotiation, which ultimately led to the continuing resolution and the current empty Speakership of the House.

What You Can Do

Now is the time to tell Congress that they must continue to fund Federal HIV programs. They need to hear from their constituents as well as those who are on the frontlines of HIV prevention and care.

Our partners at AIDS United have created a grassroots toolkit that everyone can use to advocate for continued funding. The toolkit includes key messages, sample social media text, and graphics you can share.

If you don’t have time to review and use the toolkit, AIDS United also has created a letter you can quickly sign and send to your member of Congress.

Together we can ensure that critical HIV programs will remain funded.

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