Through the programs in this section, the American Academy of HIV Medicine strives to meet the needs of HIV care providers, their practices and their patients.

Clinical Information

Learn about emerging topics in HIV and HCV medicine, including the latest testing and treatment guidelines.

Institute for Hepatitis C

This Institute has been created by AAHIVM to help advance knowledge of HIV/HCV co-infection care through educational initiatives, prevention and testing information, relevant research and policy activities.

HIV and Aging

Learn more about our HIV and aging initiative with ACRIA and the American Geriatrics Society, including treatment recommendations and

Patient Assistance

Many HIV patients face obstacles accessing care, insurance coverage, and treatment. HIV care providers may sometimes represent the only resource of information on these topics, and assistance for patients facing adversity.

Training Opportunities

Learn about emerging topics in HIV medicine, and get connected to other resources on these subjects.

Core Curriculum

AAHIVM’s Core Curriculum repurposes our Fundamentals of HIV Medicine into a dynamic digital format.