Recording Guest Resources and Questionnaire


Thank you for agreeing to be a guest on one of our recording projects!  We’ve done a lot to make sure that this process is as easy for you as possible, but there are a few things we need your help with.  Below is some information and a quick questionnaire about how you can set up your space to ensure a quality recording.

Some of these documents reference podcasting, but you may not be working on a podcast project.  That’s okay!  The guidelines for clean audio are the same no matter where your voice will end up.

Recording Checklist

  • Recording Day Checklist – Use this to help you prepare for recording day.  We ask that you review this a few days ahead of time to make sure you have taken everything into consideration.
  • The Secret to a Great Interview – This 6-minute video outlines the basics in preparing for your recording session.

Arranging Your Recording Space

  • How to Soundproof Your Room – This article goes in the basics of the science of sound and how to mitigate some of those factors for a recording.
  • Build a Pillow Fort – This short video from NPR demonstrates how to build a pillow fort around your microphone


If you have any need of assistance during this process, please reach out to your point of contact or (even if you’re not recording a podcast.)


Please complete the short questionnaire below so that we have all the information we need to assist you in creating a great recording.  We’ll be in touch after completion to talk more about your specific setup.

2. Organization Affiliations & Titles(Required)
Please provide any organizations you're affiliated with/employed by and your title. (Eg: Generic Hospital System, Chief Medical Officer) Use the + to add additional rows.
Please provide a high resolution, professional headshot we can use for promotional purposes.
Max. file size: 50 MB.
5. Social Media Handles
Please share your handles if you’re comfortable with us tagging you in social media posts about this project.
We may provide recommendations on adjusting your space to facilitate a good recording.
These should be separate from your computer’s built-in microphone and speakers.
8. We may need to ship you some recording equipment. Where is the best place to send that?(Required)
We recommend shipping directly to the address where you will be recording. Don't worry, we'll talk to you before we ship anything.