Take Action Medicaid

AAHIVM works to advocate on behalf of our members, and to educate policy makers on the issues important to them at both the State and Federal level. We also encourage our members to get involved and share their experience and expertise as HIV providers with government leaders, policy-makers and opinion leaders.

Below are some tools you can use to take action on Medicaid.


HIV Health Reform: Defend Medicaid

Defend Medicaid at the State & Federal Level (PDF) – Presentation by Harvard Law School Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation/Treatment Access Expansion Project

Medicaid Defense toolkit for everything you need to help Congress get the message that cutting the health safety net will hurt low-income Americans

Factsheet and Talking Points on the Importance of Medicaid for People Living with HIV/AIDS

Get Involved

Visit the AAHIVM Get Involved page to learn more about opportunities for you to get involved.

Contact your Congressman or Senators and let them hear about your thoughts on the legislative issues and policy decisions that matter to you as a provider, your practice, and your patients.

Contact the White House

Voice your thoughts, concerns or support to the President and his administration.

Other Government Contacts

Reach out to government health agencies, departments, and officials.

Local Chapters

Get involved with a local chapter of AAHIVM in your state