Earning your credential from the Academy can be a valuable and rewarding experience, both for you and your patients.  By credentialing, you join thousands of other front line providers and pharmacists that have demonstrated their commitment to an improved standard of HIV care.  Your Academy credential:

    • Is a tangible, universal demonstration to patients, colleagues, payers and potential employers that you remain current with your knowledge of HIV care, treatment and prevention in the clinic.
    • May help with prior authorization approval and higher reimbursement.
    • Is recognized by some states and municipalities as a definition of an HIV specialist for MCOs and other regulatory codes.
    • Establishes the standard for HIV expertise among front line providers and pharmacists.
    • Helps you stand out in the AAHIVM Referral Link Directory and the AAHIVM Career Center as a credentialed provider.

To encourage HIV credentialing within your organization, download this infographic to share with the office manager at your practice.

Already credentialed? Congratulations, it’s time to tell the world! We’ve assembled some resources to help guide you in that process. Please email to request your Credentialing Media Kit including digital content to help you spread the good news.